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Friday, January 5, 2018

My Ramblings: I Made A Mistake.

Let's kick off the year on a rant! Enjoy :)

 I Made A Mistake.

* This post is more of a rant than anything else. Please take the following with a grain of salt!

I made a horrible mistake during the last thirty days. It didn't start out as a mistake, but it turned into a big one. Before I get into what happened I need to preface everything by telling you that I tend to obsess over things that I REALLY like. It gets to a point where if I really like a book I'll spend all day and night to finish it no matter how long it is or what I have to do the following day. The same thing goes for repeatedly playing songs for weeks on end and tv shows with more than a handful of seasons and twenty-two forty minute episodes each.

Let's see if you can understand my dilemma in the next few sentences. I wanted to watch a humorous crime/mystery-ish show and I didn't want to rewatch Castle (because the ending was so boring). I went to Google and finally found a show called "The Mentalist". I remembered watching a few episodes a few years ago and not much else. I eventually decided that I would watch it.

Everything started off fine because it was more background noise than anything else. Suddenly it started building up to something and it ended up occupying way too much of my days and nights. I finished seven seasons of twenty+ forty minute long episodes (exception to the seventh season) in 30 days.

My problem: It WASN'T worth it.

The Red John conclusion was so dull. It felt like all those other fake Red John killings. It didn't feel like the end. That's why I spent the rest of season six and seven waiting for something crazy to happen. I was sorely mistaken because nothing ever did (in that regard).

I will also say that I don't see why people can stand Patrick Jane. He's arrogant (not in a good way) and makes everything a game. I hated how he always got what he wanted and how people would eventually not care what he was doing because they wanted a case solved. By the end, it wasn't endearing. How he got a happily ever after still goes over my head entirely.

Have you watched The Mentalist?
Were you disappointed too?
Let's discuss in the comments below!


  1. I watched a few seasons of this show when it first came out, and I enjoyed it. Sorry you didn't like this one. Have you watched Psych? So funny and they solve crimes. Another one I loved was Monk. Hilarious!

    1. I enjoyed Castle (even with that weird cutscene ending) more than The Mentalist. I haven't watched those! I'll look into them. I need some good series to pass the time! Thanks for the recommendations!

  2. Awww I am so sorry that you didn't like this- especially after investing so much time! That is why series are so scary, especially long ones. You can get so invested, only for it to suck. This is why you should just watch The 100, all the time ;) Hope your next show is much better!

    1. Confession: I watched the first 8 or so episodes of The 100 after reading about it so much on your blog and I have to tell you, I'm not a fan. I tried. I really did. It just couldn't keep my attention :|

      Series (tv or books) are scary to start and not get disappointed :)


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