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Friday, June 2, 2017

My Ramblings: 'Mood' Reader Syndrome Vs. Reading Slumps

'Mood' Reader Syndrome Vs. Reading Slumps

I will sometimes get into reading slumps, where every book I pick up will become a 'meh' book for one reason or another. The stilly thing is it's not an actual reason that other people can agree with. Usually it's a detail that I build up in my own head that overshadows everything that's good about the story. 

A) X character blinks too much.
B) Y character comments on other people's skin texture.
C) Z character breathes too frequently.

(The second example is a true story. If you dig deep enough into my early reviews you'll find me ranting about that in a certain book that will not be named here.)

From past 'My Ramblings' posts I've established that I'm very much a 'mood' reader. That means that I usually enjoy reading a book that I'm in the mood for. When I force myself to start a book that I'm not feeling on that particular day/week/month, then it usually ends up with me despising the book. Having a book become a 'meh' book is the same thing. It's me forcing myself to read a story I don't necessarily feel like reading so I end up regretting ever starting the book. 

The way I found to combat this syndrome is to work with it. When I feel like reading, I start/get into as many books as possible. Knowing that I already like what I'm reading prevents me from getting back into my slump. When the book slump eventually hits, I stop altogether and de-stress watching tv shows. It isn't a perfect system, but it allows me enough time reading to stock up on a few reviews for when I know I won't be reading.

Do you suffer from reading slumps?
How do you deal?
Let me know in the comments below!

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