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Friday, March 4, 2016

My Ramblings: How Do You Decide When To Buy A Book?

Hiya My Little Predators!!

 How Do You Decide When To Buy A Book?

When I'm in a book store, the first thing that will make me want to pick up a book and get to know it (by reading the synopsis) is the cover art. Anything unique or that I haven't seen a lot of will do that for me. By which I mean covers that are colorful or dark with just a pop of color, well designed text that is legible from a good 10 feet away and maybe a 3D cover every once in awhile. What I can't and won't stand for is a cover look alike (more on that in another post).

After the cover has reeled me in, it's time to consider the synopsis. Synopsis that are VERY long and have almost the whole story on the back cover won't make me buy the book. On another hand one or two sentences and another authors' thoughts on the book on the back cover will also do nothing for me. I want something in the middle when it comes to sizing and just a hint of what I can expect from the story and the character's in it.

Lastly, the price. I want to feel like I'm getting my moneys' worth out of the book. I will think twice before buying (for example) a 15 page novella in a series for $5,00. On the other hand I will happily pay $15 - $20 on a hardcover of a book that I love.

How much would you not be willing
to spend on a novella in a book series?
Leave me a comment below!

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