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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Happy International Women's Day

Hiya My Little Predators!

Just dropping in to say:
Congratulations to all US! 

Today is the day we celebrate us. This day is a celebration of respect, love and most of all appreciation towards all women, including our political, economic and social achievements. This day is very important to raise awareness to another issue: That in some countries girls and women still don't receive the basic education they long for.

Over on World Education they have released a campaign to help fight this issue: #BuildUpGirls. They have "programs in 24 countries [to] help girls and women to access programs that help them accomplish their goals and live healthier, safer lives".

They have also created the graphic below. It's an eye opening read. Without the access to the proper knowledge women are getting pregnant early on in life and because of lower wages have fewer opportunities to grow as a professional.

Check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Consider joining the conversation by posting with the hashtag #BuildUpGirlsSupport World Education today!

Source: Worlded.Org
Let me know what you thought of the graphic below!

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