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Monday, July 15, 2019

Book Review: Forever Bound By Karpov Kinrade

Forever Bound
(Vampire Brides)
By Karpov Kinrade

The Midnight Coven presents: Vampire Brides

Love never dies. But it can be damn bloody.

Tall, dark and handsome, these vampires are no strangers to the art of the hunt. Seduction and secrecy have ruled their lives for centuries, but these eleven alpha vamps are about to meet their matches and say “I do” to their forever mates.

From eleven bestselling paranormal romance authors comes an all new series of stand alone novellas set in a shared world. Grab your kindles and get ready to meet your new favorite vampires.
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My Review:

This was still only an OK read even when compared to the only other novella I read in this series By Kim Loraine titled Forever Claimed. I liked how the story was written. It wasn't overly rushed and the story was interwoven enough to justify the fast bonding while giving the two main characters each a reasonable backstory.

Evangeline was an average character. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time for this story to unfold. She's a fighter but has a "dark" past that damaged her beyond belief (in her eyes).
Ivan was also just OK. He doesn't have enough dialogue in the story for me to get a feel of what his personality actually is aside from being infatuated with the heroine.

The ending was where this dropped the ball for me. It was rushed unlike the rest of the story. This also was way shorter than the other novella I read. So this author could have made the ending less rushed and chose not to. 

My Favorite Quotes:

"We will all die eventually. And none of us are guaranteed another day with any certainty."

"As someone who grew up on books about schools for witches and doors to magical lands, I'm 100% down for finding some real magic in a world that is far too bleak most of the time."

"It is our imperfections that make us truly beautiful."

My Rating:

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