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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’d Mash Together

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Books I’d Mash Together
(AKA: pick two books you think would make an epic story if combined)

* Titles linked to my review of each novel

Meridian features a very specific type of paranormal creature (fenestras) so I would love to see that mythology be implemented in the Sabina Kane universe. The world Jaye Wells created already has so many types of supernatural creatures and occurrences that fenestras would only add to it.

Shelly Crane does a great job of making the soul mates trope believable by making it a paranormal occurrence. I would love for that to be implemented in the unique universe Dannika Dark created with all her original paranormal creatures and societal rules.

Both authors have done an amazing job at fleshing the world their novels are featured in, but I would love to see what Pippa DaCosta can do with all her plot twists and in a paranormal (maybe mythology) laden college setting.

I don't think these series would go together because both deal with demons but each series has its own unique ways of presenting them and fleshing them out. BUT, I would love for these two authors to write a series together. They're both amazing authors who know how to flesh out complex storylines and characters with twists and turns you would never expect.

Do you have a pair of authors that you'd LOVE to see work together on a novel?
Let's discuss in the comments below!


  1. I am fan of the Mythos world, and would like to see just about anyone there.

    1. Yeah, but I would especially like to see what adventures Gwen is still getting into with a story set a few years in the future :)

  2. The Jaye Wells series looks like all kinds of fun, it does sound like that would be a fun mash up! And the Dannika Dark series too.

    Love that cover of Chase the Drk!

    1. The first few books in the Sabina Kane Series By Jaye Wells are awesome if you like a dark setting and a dirty joke here and there to break the tension ;)

      The Mageri Series by Dannika Dark you'll either love it or hate it. Her writing has evolved so much in her latest series (Crossbreed), but you'll get more of the intricate world building if you read Mageri first.

      I agree, the Chase The Dark cover is gorgeous!


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