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Friday, August 10, 2018

My Ramblings: To Tag Or Not To Tag An Author

To Tag Or Not To Tag An Author

I stumbled upon a twitter thread recently and what I read in the replies was, somewhat, shocking.  I wasn't expecting to find so many people on what I consider the "wrong" side to an issue that doesn't even need to be an issue in the first place. 

Apparently, a lot of people tag authors in negative reviews. I can't get that through my head. Regardless of whether or not the negative review is respectful and politely put, why would you go out of your way to tag an author and potentially ruin their day? Being an author and dealing with a stranger/reader criticizing your work on a daily basis is already stressful enough. Why would you want to present the person that wrote and published a whole book (something that most people won't do in their lifetime) with the equivalent of a slap in the face and a "try harder next time" review?

So many people on the so-called other side were so entitled to what they believed was right. They were saying that regardless of if their review was positive or negative they would tag the author. Most couldn't see what was so bad about that action and when someone would try to present them with reason, indignation would take hold on their part.

Now for my two cents on this situation: I rarely tag authors in any of my reviews. The reason behind that is 1) I don't have that many books that I rate 5 stars and rave about; 2) (this is my anxiety talking) I feel like it'd be bothersome to tag an author in a review and guilt them into sharing it and/or reading it (unless I received an ARC). My reviews are for the readers considering what books to spend their money on. No matter what I feel towards a book the author shouldn't have to beat themselves up over the little details that didn't work for me but might have worked for someone else. 

Do you tag authors in reviews regardless of the rating?
Do you think it's fair to tag an author in a negative review?
I'd love to understand why or why not in the comments below!


  1. First of all, I would NEVER tag an author in a negative review. That's like telling someone their baby is ugly. Seriously! My reviews tend to be positive, but I did see an author say 3-stars is not a good review. So, if I rate the book under 4 stars, I don't tag, even if my review is largely complimentary.

    1. Exactly! You wouldn't say to anyone's face how ugly their baby is so why are you tagging them in a review where you bash something that they worked so hard to accomplish?! I've heard that a lot of authors consider a 3 star review a negative review. In my experience, it's far from the truth. Most of the books I read are rated 3 stars. I don't have as many 4 and 5 stared reviews as I'd like but I'm a very picky reader so those don't come often. Tagging an author on a 4+ stared review is a great philosophy to have :)

  2. Yeah I don't get it either... why do that? I do sometimes tag an author if my review is really positive, but even then I don't always (mainly cause I forget), but a negative review... no. I don't see the point and I agree, it's just hurtful?

    1. I still can't get it through my head. Why do these people think they're entitled to do whatever they want and think it's OK to, in essence, tell an author to try again because what they published wasn't worth the work or time they invested in it? People are so hard to deal with sometimes :/


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