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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: Four Series I’ve Given Up On

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Four Series I’ve Given Up On
* Covers are linked to Goodreads

1. The Rosemary Beach Series
By Abbi Glines

This series has so many individual character series embedded in it that I'm just lost. At first, it was fascinating because I liked the individual characters, but, at some point, my dislike of the direction their story was going in made me dislike them as a potential main character which then translated into me giving up reading the series as a whole.
2. Any books
By K.F. Breene

I've tried getting into three different series written by her and we just don't mesh well together. I usually end up liking the character, but her stories, in my experience, start to drag on a few hours in the audio books. I've come to the conclusion that her writing isn't for me when it comes to fantasy and paranormal novels with a little suspense/mystery to be solved. In those types of novels, I like very minute to be fast paced and action packed. Though for all I know, the stories I tried reading by her could have become action-packed later on, but if at three hours and some change things are looking boring I don't want to risk investing even more of my time into something that may not pan out.

3. Curse Of The Gods Series
By Jaymin Eve

Books by this author, for me, are either a hit or a miss. This one was a complete miss. Here's my DNF mini review that I wrote up on Goodreads for any future reference of the first book in this series:

"The society that was being built started to sound very interesting, but the heroine's take on the world and everything else was too naive to the point that I couldn't suspend my belief anymore. Everything was new to her or it was something she conveniently hadn't heard of before (but her friend/sister(?) knew almost everything). There has to be a smarter way to build a world that doesn't include the heroine lacking the knowledge to everything. I would have even preferred a three chapter monologue by that point."

4. Devil Souls MC Series
By Leann Ashers

If what I recall is correct, I've given this series two chances and I don't think I'm willing to give it any more. My problems with the novels are similar in that they both needed another round or two of plot editing, grammar editing and someone that's detail oriented to either piece the small tidbits that are dropped together or delete them from the novel completely. I can and will usually overlook a few misspelled words or a few sentences that need to be scrambled up to make sense. These novels went to the point of no return and continued marching forward. I understand mistakes and that nobody's perfect, but these novels pushed me to the brink of no return.

What popular series have you given up on?
Let's rant in the comments below!


  1. I love Abbi Glines. She is my guilty pleasure. Some people watch daytime soap operas, I read Abbi Glines' books.

    1. Abbi Glines used to be a bookish guilty pleasure for me too, but not anymore. Her more recent books also don't pull me in like they used to :/


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