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Friday, April 20, 2018

My Ramblings: Genres I Won't Review & Why

Genres I Won't Review & Why

I've had an ever-evolving list of genres featured in the 'Contact Me' page of this blog ever since I started blogging. I've added and subtracted genres from that list for a while. It never occurred to me to explain why I won't review those specific genres. So here's the explanation behind that list:

1. Erotica
This is what most people think I read when I say I like reading romance novels. My dislike of novels in this genre is the lack of story and character development. In the past, I have picked up a few erotic novels that were categorized as paranormal to which I assumed it to be paranormal romance. After I read it, I would do a little more research into it and would find out that that specific author only wrote erotica novels. This genre has proven to not hold my attention and I've come to the conclusion that, for the most part, it just isn't for me.

2. Mystery
When I was in grade school I lived off of children's mystery books. To this day I still have the semi-complete (missing 2 or 3 books) series of The Adventures Of Mary-Kate & Ashley. It's not something I actively look for because it no longer interests me. There are exceptions, but those are few and far between.

3. Horror
I've "gotten over" my dislike of suspense/thriller novels, but I don't think I'm quite there with horror as of yet. I don't like scary anything. I've been through that phase in my early teens and I don't want to go back to that. I love paranormal romance because everything is romanticized and doesn't give me nightmares. I can agree with you when you say it's a silly fear. It continues to be something I don't want to read about in my spare time.

4. Nonfiction
When I think of nonfiction books I think of books I would usually have to read if I was taking college courses and whatnot. I've read my fair share of these types of books (obviously), but I don't see the point in reviewing them. Unless it's a subject I'm over the moon about I wouldn't have anything to add to the content. 

5. Adult Science Fiction
I have read a few sci-fi books in the past and have probably reviewed quite a few, but they aren't something I'm actively looking for at the moment. Most novels I've reviewed in this genre are from authors I've actively stalked followed throughout my blogging career and the exceptions to that "rule" are made when a synopsis interests me. There isn't much more to it than that.

6. Middle Grade
I never really had a phase where I wanted to only read middle grade novels. That's because I only figured out it was even a genre that I could pick from until I was halfway through my teens. I probably read, at most, 20 books in this genre before I figured out young adult was a thing. I never went back to it after that and I don't intend to.
Do you have a genre or two that you won't review?
What are they and why?
Let's discuss in the comments below!


  1. Horror is not a genre I reach for. I don't know, just not my thing. I love romance, but erotica is too lacking in actual story for me. I cannot remember the last time I picked up non-fiction. Again, just not my thing, and I have read very little scifi, and the books I have read in that genre have all been YA. I think I am buying into the horror stories I keep hearing about adult scifi.

    1. Horror holds a place in my heart just like Twilight does, but that doesn't mean I'm actively looking to read it again. That's the conclusion I came up with in erotica novels. I still don't understand how people put erotica and romance novels in the same category. I've even noticed Amazon doing this as well. An author will specifically state that their novel is a new adult college romance and Amazon puts it under erotica. I haven't heard anything bad about adult sci-fi. That makes me curious as to what people are saying about it :)


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