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Friday, April 27, 2018

My Ramblings: The End Is Upon Us: Scandal

The End Is Upon Us: Scandal

Scandal the tv show is FINALLY coming to an end! I say that with the most ecstatic tone you can imagine. This show is so much and I'm not even sure if I like it anymore.

I only began watching this series because a bad*ss character from Scandal appeared in 'How To Get Away With Murder' and I, innocently enough, wanted more of a backstory as to why this character was the answer to everything. That was my mistake and looking back I regret ever looking into it and starting to watch it in the last few weeks.

Scandal started off interesting but ended up evolving into a drama-laden cesspool of a wound that never healed. Olivia Pope was this incredible "fixer". She could spin completely different perspectives on stories that I never saw coming. She was this strong, powerful woman who fought for the right side of things. That lasted only a few seasons. By season 5 she was almost as bad as her father who she hates on bad days and stands his presence when she needs something from him.

The romance in this series is stomach churning. Grant is so domineering and gives off a slimy aura. The fact that one day she vows to never see him again and an hour later he's pulled her back in his web got very old and very annoying very fast. The other romantic interest for Olivia also rubbed me the wrong way. He started off very sketchy and his personality did various turns throughout the seasons. 

The secondary characters and their romantic interests were more interesting, at one point than Olivia Pope's life and her "taking command" (This will make sense if you've watched the show. If not it's a spoiler.). Even Charlie redeemed himself by the end and I was still stuck with an Olivia POV for the rest of the story.

By the end, the whole series turned into one big government conspiracy theory and everything was solved in one simple rushed episode. The most annoying thing is that the guy that started the illegal agency in the first place convinced the special counsel to liberate him and jail the guy that had "taken Command" and the true villain that planned everything this last season was left with a guilty conscience and no jail time.

In conclusion, this series started off featuring a powerful woman and her team who were responsible for controlling scandalous narratives, most involving politicians. It eventually devolved into drama and convoluted conspiracy theories. I don't regret watching this whole series, but I do think I could have spent my time in a better place.

Have you watched this series?
Did you like the ending?
Let's discuss in the comments below!

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