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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Book Review: Forever Violet By Jessica Sorensen

Forever Violet
(Tangled Realms #1)
By Jessica Sorensen 

A full-length, paranormal romance novel.

For the last decade, eighteen-year-old Laikyn has lived in the Common Realm with humans, believing she was human. She can’t remember her life before she was eight-years-old, but what she does know is she fears the paranormal creatures from the other realms, particularly werewolves. And for a good reason.

A year ago, Laikyn was attacked by two werewolves. She survived only because Legend, a banished vampire, saved her.

The scars left behind from the attack haven’t healed yet, and neither has her fear of werewolves. So when Legend decides to take her on a trip to the Midnight Realm, where night creatures like werewolves roam free, she’s more than nervous, but agrees to go.

The moment Laikyn meets Jules, the tortured, gothic werewolf prince of the Violet Mountain pack, she feels a spark of desire almost instantly. She wants nothing more than to take away his pain, but refuses to act on her feelings.

She soon discovers the spark is more than just an attraction. That Jules is connected to her past and that she’s the very creature she fears and hates. Having no other choice, she stays in the Midnight Realm so Jules can help her rediscover her werewolf roots and figure out why she can’t remember her past.

But unlike Jules, not every werewolf wants Laikyn to remember. And she may be in danger from werewolves again.
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My Review:

This was a surprisingly enjoyable novel. I can't put into words as to why I went into this book apprehensively. I've been in a book slump as of late so due to that circumstance I've been DNFing books left and right. I'm glad this was an exception.

Mild Spoilers Ahead

I like Lake overall, but towards the end she, all of a sudden, gets a death wish that gets repetitive and annoying in the long term. I'd also like to point out how easily she controls her flower-power. There's an event towards the end of the novel in which she manages to save herself and a few others by controlling vines and what not. My problem is that up to that point she had only mentioned "practicing control" with small flowers in fields.

End Of Spoilers

Jules was one of the brighter characters in this novel. He's smart, sweet and caring, but ruthless when push comes to shove. He was one of the more sane character's and I appreciated his presence overall.

I guessed/saw most of the "twists" coming from miles away, which was disappointing when I was finally proved right. I like stories that keep me guessing and unfortunately, this was not one of those stories. I liked it nonetheless, but I wasn't blown away by it. The next novel (based on the last few pages of this one) seems to be Legends story and I can't help but be excited about it.

My Favorite Quotes:

"Emotional scars, they take time [to heal]. Sometimes more than physical wounds."

"(...) cruelty exists everywhere."

"[We're] running from the past and chasing a future I hope we can find."

My Rating:

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